Stellenbosch’s Fire and Rescue Services responded to an incident where two young hikers were reported as lost when they were on Coetzenburg mountain. The incident took place on Thursday, August 20.

“They decided to take a hike, were overcome by the fog and became disorientated,” the Stellenbosch Municipality said in a statement. “GPS coordinates were exchanged with the lost youngsters and firefighters drove with a 4X4 vehicle to where the mountainous terrain allowed them. They then proceeded on foot for more than an hour. Thankfully, reservist firefighter, Martin van Wyk is a frequent hiker of the area and was familiar with the surroundings.”

Stellenbosch hikers lost on mountain, rescued
Two youths were lost on Coetzenburg mountain while hiking, and were rescued by Stellenbosch Fire and Rescue Services (Source: Supplied/Stellenbosch Municipality)

“They were brought to the fire station where their vital signs were checked before they were taken home and reunited with their families. Our Fire and Rescue services were fortunate to have found them in time as they would most likely have succumbed to the extreme cold,” the Municipality said.

“We urge residents and visitors embarking on hikes to remain vigilant of the weather conditions and to stay on designated hiking trails. Always ensure that you have sufficient water and that a family member or friend knows about your hiking expedition (route, time expected back, etc.).”

Picture: Supplied/Stellenbosch Municipality

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