Ecologists are astonished at large groups of humpback whales travelling along the West coast of South Africa.

Gatherings of as many as 150 whales that have been termed “super-groups,” are currently off the shore of Saldanha Bay, according to Business Insider.

They are supposedly travelling down the coast to the area of Cape Point as part of their annual migration, where many will give birth to calves and the environment is favourable for the young ones.

Dave Hurwitz, the owner of the Simons Town Boat Company, was one of the lucky ones to have witnessed these groups migrating through the ocean. He told CapeTalk that he estimated the total number of whales counted over the past few weeks to be somewhere between 1 500 and 2 000.

“It’s phenomenal! It has to be the largest aggregation of humpback whales in the world,” he added.

Authorities are urging ships to steer at least 300 metres clear of the massive groups in order to prevent collisions.

Picture: Facebook/ Simons Town Boat Company

Article written by

Anita Froneman