There is no blueprint to navigate the disastrous situation we find ourselves in. The key remains to stay cautious, isolated and as protected as possible from the invisible enemy that is coronavirus.

The small town of Swellendam in the Western Cape is taking on the battle of COVID-19 with as much armour as possible, and the generosity of Uber Clean – a division of House Of Health with the product suppplied by IQ GREEN SOLUTIONS – has helped to keep the CBD sanitised by spraying it down with an all-natural disinfectant.

Stellendem Uber Clean
The product is diluted with water and fed into a tractor.

With the world fighting a global and dire pandemic, Uber Clean believes there has never been a more apt time to prioritise the health and safety of your family, work and shared spaces.

The sanitation process is simple and effective. The product, which is both eco-friendly and biodegradable is fed into tanks, diluted with water and then sprayed onto the mains street in the CBD, where most traffic is recorded.

On June 30, the town was sprayed down for a second time in an effort to bring down the infection rate in the area.

What makes the product effective is the active ingredient, HOCl, naturally also found in our immune systems, the high-pressure spray combats harmful pathogens whilst eliminating microorganisms, viruses and bacteria found in common spaces.

Swellendam Uber Clean
The tractor gets ready to spray down the town.

The Swellendam Municipality were immensely appreciative when Uber Clean offered the service.

Senior Communications Officer of Swellendam Municipality, Bianca McKechnie said they were approached by Uber Clean to sanitise heavily utilised public spaces as part of their marketing collateral.

“It helped tremendously as the Municipality sanitises various public spaces on a weekly and rotational basis as part of its good practice regarding containing the spread of COVID-19. Simply put, it was one less task for our community services team to administer for that particular week which placed less strain on the staff compliment as we navigate this very unique time, professionally. Uber clean subsequently sanitised two large areas in two different parts of Swellendam, for which we were immensely appreciative,” she said.

This gesture of goodwill, at crucial time when goodwill is all you can really depend on, has made a positive impact on the town and its people.

The great advantage is that there is no space too big or too small for Uber Clean technicians – homes, office, gym, church, shopping and medical centres – are all included in their long list of happy clients.

“With the staggering growth of this pandemic and its climbing active cases, ensuring your own safety is now a basic need. Uber Clean ensures great service, affordability and also has plans to uplift SA in these tough economic times, whilst up-skilling local citizens and affording earning-opportunity to those that need it most. Trained sprayers are deployed across South Africa, armed with the latest in technology and their own earning potential,” Uber Clean said in a statement.

Pictures: Nidha Narrandes

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