Hiking groups all over Cape Town have announced they are fed up with the lack of security in and around the Table Mountain National Park, and have advised their members on the possible threats to their personal safety while enjoying outdoor activities on the mountain.

Although Cape Town has some of the most beautiful and serene hiking trails in the country, it also is home to many attacks against hikers and cyclists up in its mountains.

SafetyMountain Tracking, one of the city’s most prominent hiking authorities, has launched a WhatsApp-based service to keep hikers more safe on both popular and isolated routes.

The Safety Mountain Tracking WhatsApp Group works in the following fashion:

– Before setting off on a hike, you ‘check in’ and alert the group of your hike, the number of people with you, and the start time. If you do not return by the projected time, emergency services are deployed to the area.

“This information is not used to spy on you or invade your privacy,” the group says. “[It] helps our trackers and potential search party to narrow down your location should you be in trouble.”

– It is important for hikers to keep the group updated on their whereabouts, especially when hiking a very technical route.

– The first point of contact if you find yourself in an emergency will be the group.

– Any fallen trees, rockfall, cars that have been broken into must be reported to the group, as well as other injured hikers, suspicious individuals, fires, and any other calamities.

– You can ‘check out’ when you are done with your hike and have made it safely off the mountain.

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