The Western Cape Education Department (WCED), Table View High School and police are working together to investigate TikTok accounts where racist remarks are made against black learners from the school.

In the videos, footage of the learners were run with racist commentary, including the use of the K-word.

According to WCED spokesperson Bronagh Hammond, one of the accounts belongs to a 15-year-old student at Table View High School, and the other account is in the name of the school. Hammond adds that the account was unlawfully registered in the name of the school.

“The WCED has engaged with the school and has confirmed that the learner’s account has allegedly been impersonated. The parents have submitted the learner’s phone to SAPS and have opened a case of defamation of character,” the WCED said in a statement on Thursday, November 19.

“The SGB is also engaging with TikTok to get the fake school account taken down. They have submitted a legal letter, as well as an affidavit from the school confirming that the account was unlawfully registered in the name of the school.”

“Arrangements are being made with a digital forensics company to get the content removed,” said  Hammond.

She calls the content of the videos “extremely offensive and unacceptable”.

“It is concerning that ’someone’ has allegedly impersonated an account of a child, and impersonated an account of the school which never existed, with the intention to maliciously sow seeds of division, hatred and racism, and cause harm to a minor and the integrity of this school.

“It is unacceptable that people are intentionally and maliciously wanting to stir unrest and racial tension. We will continue to engage with the school and SAPS. The WCED has released this information to enable accurate reporting on the matter.”

A case of crimen injuria has been registered at Table View SAPS for investigation

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