Table View Police are urging motorists to be cautious at the intersection of Blaauwberg and Potsdam Road, which they have dubbed a “robbery hotspot”,following an incident that took place yesterday.

In a social media post, the Community Police Forum (CPF) of Table View, an organisation aimed at better crime control and policing through the use of the community, confirmed the incident.

“Table View Police is once again issuing a warning for motorists who utilise the Blaauwberg and Potsdam Road intersection. Another victim fell prey to a robbery when the vehicle was stationary at a traffic intersection on Tuesday, March 26 2019 shortly after 3pm.”

The statement went on to share that the passenger’s “window was open and the suspect grabbed a cellphone which was easily accessible.”

Motorists are urged to be vigilant when their vehicle is stationary at intersections. All doors must be locked and windows closed.

CPF offers key advice to motorists to avoid falling victim to a robbery.

“Make sure that valuable items are not accessible by possible culprits and to leave adequate space between yourself and the vehicle in front of you.”

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