Ongoing taxi protests outside the Gallows Hill Traffic Department in Green Point are giving motorists a headache. Reports of this first surfaced over the weekend, and the protests have continued into this morning.

It is reported that minibus taxis have been blocking roads in Green Point in a demand for the City of Cape Town to issue their operating licenses.

Speaking to EWN, Acting Chairman of the Central Unity Taxi Association, Sabelo Nyama, said that the City is reportedly targeting taxis operating without permits, but is at the same time not issuing permits to taxi drivers that will allow them to operate legally.

Taxis have been causing havoc on the roads since the weekend (Source: Supplied)

“They continue to impound our vehicles but today, we brought our vehicles here,” he said on Saturday. “We tried to organise a meeting with them, but they refused. We’ve been operating for more than five years with no permits.”

This morning, taxis are blocking Somerset Road both ways outside Gallows Hill, with City spokespersons reporting that at least 30 taxis are present.

“We are busy towing the taxis away, at this moment I could not say if any arrests have been made,” Richard Coleman, City Traffic Services spokesperson, said.

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