A teenager was recovered from the surf after almost drowning in Herolds bay on Wednesday, February 3. National Sea Rescue Institute’s (NSRI) Wilderness Duty Crew responded to the drowning in progress.

“While responding to the scene it was confirmed by eye-witnesses that a 14-year-old female had been recovered from the water onto the beach,” the NSRI reported. “Off-duty medical professionals, a doctor, an ER24 paramedic and a nurse, believed to be an ICU nurse, who happened to be on the beach at the time, had initiated CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) efforts.”

NSRI Wilderness contacted the key holder of a recently donated garage facility in Herolds Bay that holds NSRI emergency equipment instructing them to open the facility and to take the medical equipment to the off-duty medical professionals who were assisting on the scene.

The doctor, nurse and paramedic immediately made use of that emergency medical equipment to assist in their resuscitation efforts. ER24 paramedics, NSRI Wilderness medics and EMS paramedics arrived on the scene and efforts to resuscitate the teenager continued.

“In a critical condition, the teenager was transported to hospital by ER24 ambulance where she continues to receive medical care in hospital,” the NSRI said. “Our thoughts are with the family in this difficult time and all hopes are that she recovers.”

Picture: NSRI/Supplied

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Lucinda Dordley

Lucinda is a hard news writer who occasionally dabbles in lifestyle writing, and recent journalism graduate. She is a proud intersectional feminist, and is passionate about actively creating a world which is free of discrimination and inequality.