You can be a citizen of the world and unlock a global lifestyle, if you have the money to invest in other countries. Henley & Partners, a globe citizenship and residency advisory firm based in Cape Town, has released a list of the best residency programmes globally.

It also lists the best citizenship-by-investment programmes in the world.

“Across the economic spectrum, individuals want to transcend the constraints imposed on them by their country of origin and access business, education, career, and lifestyle opportunities on a global scale. Alternative residence and citizenship represent the most direct routes to global mobility and overall stability, since individuals who have residence or citizenship in multiple jurisdictions benefit from each country’s best practices and are less vulnerable to its risks and shortcomings,” Henley & Partners said.

In its most basic form, citizenship-by-investment is a process whereby qualified individuals are screened in order to be granted full citizenship in exchange for their financial contribution to the passport-issuing state.

Residence-by-investment has a similar process, except that candidates are granted temporary residence, which may at a later stage be extended into permanent residence or citizenship. Henley & Partners states that neither programme is better than the other, and that each offers its own advantages.

Residence-by-investment programmes gives high-net-worth individuals the option of relocation to a favorable jurisdiction and becoming tax-paying residents of that jurisdiction. Citizen-by-investment programmes provide wealthy families with a second or third passport, which provide these families with the rights enjoyed by residents of the jurisdiction, as well as the broader right of travel and trade.

Listen below are the most credible and successful residence and citizenship programmes in the world. These programmes uphold the highest in standards in terms of diligence, attracting vetted individuals who can bring capital and talent into the country in question.

Best Residency-by-Investment Programmes

Global rank Program Passport allowances Minimum capital required
1 Portugal Visa-free travel to 177 countries R3 million
2 Malta Visa-free travel to 173 countries R8.2 million
 3  Thailand Visa-free travel to 75 countries R194,000
 4  UK Visa-free travel to 177 countries R34.2 million
 5  US Visa-free travel to 176 countries R6.1 million
 6  Switzerland Visa-free travel to 176 countries Between R1.8 million – R12.5 million
 7  Canada Visa-free travel to 176 countries  R7.6 million

Top Citizenship-by-Investment Programmes

Global rank Program Passport allowance Minimum capital required
1 Malta Visa-free travel to 173 countries R15 million
2 Cyprus Visa-free travel to 163 countries R30 million
 3  Austria Visa-free travel to 177 countries R120 million
 4  Antigua and Barbuda Visa-free travel to 140 countries R1.2 million
 5  Grenada Visa-free travel to 131 countries R1.8 million
 6  St. Kitts and Nevis Visa-free travel to 141 countries R1.8 million
 7  St. Lucia Visa-free travel to 132 countries R1.2 million


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