Cape Town’s oldest pub is ready to receive patrons despite the fire that broke out there just yesterday. The Fireman’s Arms has announced that it will be back to serving beer and delicious pub fare a day after what is suspected to be an electrical fire set it’s beer garden ablaze.

Speaking to EWN, owner Kevin Phelan said the bar itself will be open again, while the beer garden remains closed.

The beer garden of The Fireman’s Arms was gutted by fire just yesterday (Source: The Fireman’s Arms)

“As you’re aware that we had a fire early this morning, only the beer garden was affected. The Pub and Restaurant are okay. We will be closed for cleaning today and the Historical Pub will trade as per normal as of tomorrow,” the pub said in a statement yesterday.

The pub has been serving patrons since it was first established in 1864, and its regulars were mainly sailors and tradesmen. The pub has undergone renovations and improvements over the years while keeping the original building and ambiance.

Picture: The Fireman’s Arms

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