The first snow of the season has fallen at Sani Pass, the Eastern Cape and Lesotho and it is magnificent. Yesterday, Snow Report SA warned locals in Lesotho and Drakensberg to expect snow from Saturday night – and shortly after lunch today, the snow came down in blankets.

The Snow Report said:

“Good morning SnowReporters! We are expecting a little snowfall over the high mountains of Eastern Lesotho and the KZN Drakensberg this Saturday night (12 May) into Sunday morning (13 May).

“Falls are expected to be up to and around 10cm for both days. We see the snow reaching up right along the border towards the Maluti Mountains and Afriski according to our current maps, which we are sure will make a lot of skiers and snow lovers happy. We do also see a possibility for snow further on into the coming week, but we will keep you updated as the forecast progresses. Enjoy and keep warm and safe everyone.”

AfrikSki noted the snow too: Big snow flakes falling at Afriski this afternoon. Started at around 12pm. Roads are open but keep watching for updates.

Pictures and videos flooded the website.




Pictures: Snow Report

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