The Kiffness is no stranger to controversy, and his latest video has raised a few eyebrows. The Cape Town musician uploaded a video on Sunday, November 15 comparing Economic Freedom Front (EFF) leader Julius Malema to Adolf Hitler.

Following the clash between EFF members and parents at Brackenfell High on Monday [November 9], the DA made a tweet comparing the EFF and the Nazi’s. The Kiffness decided to make a video and take this tweet even further by comparing the leaders.

In the video, he explores the parallels between Hitler and Malema’s rise to power by taking audio from an existing video summarising Hitler’s rise to power, and splicing videos and pictures of Malema’s rise to power alongside it.

He argues that their stories both began after civil unrest in their individual countries and political parties feared a communist uprising.

According to the the musician, like Hitler, Malema was obsessive and sought to pin the blame on white people, like Hitler did with the Jews. Post WWI, rising success among Jews led to ungrounded accusations of subversion and war profiteering, which The Kiffness compares to Malema’s opposition to white monopoly capital.

The video goes on to claim that like Hitler, Malema took advantage of citizen unrest and promised to restore the country to its former greatness against the threat. As opposition parties began to fragment, more citizens flocked to the Nazi’s, which the musician argues is the same thing that happened in South Africa and the EFF’s growing supporter base.

He then compared the clashes that occurred during the Senekal farm murders to Nazi supporters forming paramilitary groups to fight protestors.

The video has split viewer reaction, with some coming out in support and others not so much.

Thank you for highlighting this matter. It is frightening to say the least, that someone have so much influence on fragile minded people,” commented one.

exactly we cannot allow history to repeat itself,,,this man is so dangerous for the minds of the young right now..he is feeding them false propoganda,” agreed another. 

Many called The Kiffness out for trying to sow further seeds of resentment and misusing his platform.

“Are you seriously perpetuating the ‘white genocide’ myth? Oh dear. Your views are just getting worst and I think this video has me entirely losing all my respect for you,” wrote on user.

“This is such an unnecessary comparison. There are way better comparisons to make. But publicly telling followers that JM is anywhere close to Hitler is a pretty disgusting use of one’s influence,” commented on Facebook user.

“I don’t exactly think that its logical or fair to compare an ignorant big talker to a man that systematically tried to wipe out the entire Jewish people. Before posting inflammatory statements like this, try put yourself in the position of a person who had a major portion of their family exterminated by the man that you just so casually compared to Julius Malema. Think before you ink,” said another.

Picture: Screenshot from video

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