The search for young Tazne van Wyk (8), who went missing on February 7 from Ravensmead, continues as more than 100 volunteers from the surrounding area have joined forces to try and find the young girl.

Tazne was last seen by her father, Terence Manual, just meters away from their home while at a tuck shop. It was reported that a man named Moehydien Pangaker, who had just moved into the area suddenly disappeared. Pangaker is now a prime suspect in the case.

This Saturday, February 15, over 100 volunteers from both the Western Cape Missing Persons Unit and neighborhood watch organisations searched the areas of Epping, Bishop Lavis, Connaught Estate, and Elsies River in hopes of finding any clues regarding the disappearance of Tazne.

The group of volunteers then focused their efforts on an open field adjacent to Belhar train station, but came up short. Cars in the surrounding areas had also placed pictures of Tazne on their windows with the hopes of gathering information an alerting the public to her disappearance.

The disappearance of young Tazne has had strain on her parents, the community, and more so her two sisters, one aged four and the other four months. During an interview, Carmen van Wyk, Tazne’s mother, said: “This was just a tragic week; every day and the whole day I needed to explain the same thing to people over and over again.”

“Because there are people here every day, my [other] daughter has been acting out and wants more attention.”

Unfortunately, Saturday’s search was unsuccessful, leaving Tazne’s parents with no new information on the whereabouts of their daughter.

This is a developing story.

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