The Cape’s weather has been steadily warming up as the end of winter approaches. Those who are hoping to see the last few dusting will be in luck, as the Matroosberg Nature Reserve is expected to receive some snow in the next few days.

According to Snow-Forecast, snow will settle on Matroosberg before the week is through. Freeze-thaw conditions are predicted to head to the area, ranging from 2°C on Wednesday afternoon through to -3°C on Friday evening. Wind speeds will also increase, with calm expected this evening before a howling wind blow in from the West on Friday evening.

The next four to six days are predicted to be quite dry, with a maximum of 12°C on Monday evening, and a minimum of 2°C on Saturday afternoon. Winds are expected to calm down at the end of the week.

Weather conditions for Matroosberg Nature Reserve by Snow-Forecast (Source: Snow Forecast)

Picture: Pixabay

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Lucinda Dordley

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