George Hospital has confirm that three COVID-19 patients are currently receiving treatment. Three staff members have also tested positive for COVID-19, with a number of additional staff currently in quarantine awaiting their results.

Close contacts of patients and staff are being contacted for testing and follow-ups. George Hospital takes the safety of its patients and staff seriously. All staff are equipped with the correct personal protective equipment for the area they work in. George Hospital has 87 beds available for COVID -19 patients and an additional 16 ICU beds.

Everyone entering the facility is screened for COVID-19. In the event a positive case is confirmed at any health facility, the health facility or the specific contaminated area may be temporarily closed to allow for the containment of the spread of the virus and decontamination.

As per protocol, the facility or affected area will be decontaminated and deep cleaned in line with prescribed infection prevention standards and reopened with staff who do not pose a risk.

The news comes as the Western Cape is currently on the upward part of the curve of COVID-19 infections, which is the nature of the pandemic.

George Hospital urges everyone to help prevent the spread of the virus by adhering to the following guidelines:

1. Stay home as much as possible .

2. Always wear a clean cloth mask in public.

3. Always follow the golden rules of good hygiene (a mask alone is not enough)

4. Keep your distance from people at all times.

5. Avoid gatherings of people.

6. If you are sick, stay home and call the hotline.

7. If you are having difficulty breathing, seek urgent healthcare.


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