In recent memory, there hasn’t been a day in Cape Town when lightning displays with thunderstorms prevailed for over 24 hours. A traditional belief in the city is that the first long spell of south-easterly gale always arrives in time for Guy Fawkes, but this year an extended thunderstorm has taken its place.

On Thursday evening storms clouds began to roll in off the Atlantic ocean, ushering in strong winds, claps of thunder and flashes of lightning. In the early hours of Friday morning it continued. By the time Cape Town had woken up, humidity had noticeably increased. In a scene which resembled a Highveld storm in summer, dark purple-grey clouds began forming by Thursday mid-afternoon. Then it broke and a spectacular display ensued, forked lightning crashed above Table Mountain and the city bowl. Fast-moving clouds, charged with static and reflected shades of pink and orange from the lights below. Windows rattled as the sound of thunder reverberated across the city. In Cape Town, this is rare – and definitely a show worth watching.

Anyone watch the storm last night? It was crazy how fast it moved⚡?

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Electric evening ⚡️

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By morning, beautiful rainbows were greeting the city.

Rainbows make the day better ? * #capetown #rainbow #devilspeak #tablemountain #weather #rainbows #capestorm

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Storm Report has published a detailed report this morning about the progress of the storm.

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