A family is mourning the death of their 20-month-old son, after he drowned in a bin of water they were using to collect rain water.

Rondebosch couple, Daniel and Debbie Weber, are devastated over the loss of their son Connor who died on Sunday.

According to reports, Connor and his sister Grace were in the care of their nanny on Monday, December 4, when the toddler went missing.

After searching for Connor, the nanny discovered him in the bin filled with water. The bin was being used to store water due to the water crisis in Cape Town.

The toddler was rushed to a nearby hospital with a weak pulse, after almost a week he died on Sunday.

ER24 spokesperson, Russel Meiring, said that local authorities are investigating the matter, but it is believed that the toddler had fallen into the bin and drowned.

Yesterday, a memorial service was held in Connor’s honour under a big tree at Keurboom Park, which was his favourite place.

Friends and family gathered to speak kind words and remember his spirit. His devoted father Daniel told mourners that Connor was a special boy who was full of life and loved music.

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