Capetonians love physical exercise, and often do this accompanied by their best four-legged friends. While Spot may be enjoying his daily exercise, however, there has been an increase in fitness enthusiasts complaining about dog litter in areas of exercise.

Parkscape has made an appeal for all those who are making use of Tokai Forest for recreational activities in level 3 of lockdown to clean up after their dogs.

“One day of Tokai Forest being open and it’s already awash with dog poo. Please, folks, clean up after your pooches. No one wants to stand in it. No one wants their kids to trip into it. We have enough with Coronavirus to contend with, let’s not up the ante with the bacteria and viruses that may be lurking in dog poo,” Parkscape said via Facebook.

Those who make their way to Tokai Forest with their pooches are advised to take along doggy litter packets to clean up after their pups.

“And take the stuff home with you given the issues arising with solid waste management as Covid-19 affects staff,” Parkscape added. “To those who continue to do the right and community-minded thing – a massive thank you!”

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Picture: Pixabay

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Lucinda Dordley

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