Nature-lovers are in for a treat. Hiking is permitted under Level 3, and the popular Tokai trails are expected to reopen on Friday, July 3 under strict new rules and regulations.

According to the Tokai MTB Mountainbike Central Facebook page, the trails are expected to open after much consultation with SANParks.

“It’s taken quite some time and many, many meetings with SANParks staff to bring you this news but remember, this is COVID-19 times and things can change at the drop of a hat! We’ll endeavour to keep you informed of any decisions passed down from Govt., or higher structures that may affect access in future,” they write.

In order for the trails to remain open amid the lockdown, visitors will have to adhere to very strict rules and regulations focused on limiting contact between staff and public.

Rules and regulations include:

– Walk, ride a horse or cycle to Tokai but do not drive. The usual Picnic site parking will be closed as the Picnic hut that usually sells day permits will not be in operation. Nobody will be available to let you into the picnic site. If you must travel by car, park in the Tokai suburb, there is plenty of space around the Total garage or around Bootleggers.

– Do not park on the Tokai entry road that starts at the Swaanswyk turnoff. Keep this road clear for emergencies and access for SANParks and Chrysalis Academy staff and residents.

– Ride with your Activity Permit as day permits will not be sold on-site. Random Activity Permit checks will take place. If your Activity Permit expired during the lockdown, you may apply for a 3-month extension at no extra cost. This offer is only valid at the Tokai permit office, which will reopen on July 6. If your card expired before lockdown, no extension.

– Wear a mask while on the trails and maintain social distancing as much as possible.

Patrols will slowly start up, beginning from July 3 during peak times. TokaiMTB advise that visitors avoid riding to the Mast during the week, and if you must, do so in a group.

TokaiMTB have been busy clearing vegetation growth extending onto the tracks. With the heavy rainfall and winds Cape Town has been experiencing as of late, there is the risk of fallen trees. Please ride with caution on your first lap and report any damage to [email protected].

Areas in the Tokai trails that are currently closed to the public include the Donkey Trail and the Bridal/Switchback trail

If you would like to join TokaiMTB, visit their website HERE.

Picture: Facebook / Tokai MBT Mountainbike Central


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