Motorists could receive traffic fines and other infringement notices via WhatsApp, SMS or email, according to the most recent draft of the Administrative Adjudication of Traffic Offences (AARTO) Bill.

According to Business Tech, the Department of Transport has gazetted the controversial bill that also explains how the country’s new demerit system will be implemented.

In addition to issuing fines and notices via registered mail or in person, an amendment to the bill, which is currently open for public comment, allows authorities to send electronic infringement notices by using data taken from a number of sources.

These sources include:

—Previous AARTO documentation;

—Change of address forms for licensed motor vehicles;

—The register of driving licenses and/or the register of motor vehicles;

—Registration on the AARTO website.

As previously reported, once the demerit system takes effect, the maximum number of points a motorist can accrue is 12 points. Each driver will begin with zero points and a fine and points will be meted out for each transgression.

If a driver exceeds the maximum number of points, their license will be suspended for three months. If a driver is suspended thrice their license may be permanently suspended.

For the foreseeable future, the demerit system will only be implemented in Tshwane and Johannesburg. It is unclear whether the system will be expanded across the country.

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