A train carriage derailed while it was pulling into Platform 16 of Cape Town Station earlier today. Preliminary assessments found that some of the train’s wheels slipped off the tracks, causing the derailment.

The incident took place at approximately 9am this morning, and two minor injuries were reported when commuters were evacuated from the train.

Technical crews are onsite to investigate what exactly caused the train’s wheels to slip off the tracks, and clearing up operations have begun.

According to Metrorail, platforms 12-16 at Cape Town Station are closed until further notice. This temporary closure will affect the arrival of trains from the Central and Cape Flats lines.

The train derailed as it pulled into Cape Town Station this morning. (Source: Metrorail)

Central Line trains will be diverted to platforms 20 to 24, and trains on the Cape Flats line will make use of other available platforms.

Commuters are advised to listen to station and platform announcements as closely as possible, and more information will be made available well before the afternoon peak.

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Picture: Metrorail

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