Although no arrests have yet been made in connection with Tuesday’s train fires at Cape Town Railway Station, South African Police Services have begun questioning people who may be able to divulge more information on the incidents.

The affected trains standing at platforms 17 and 18 when they were allegedly torched, and add another two to the growing number of train arson attacks. Platforms 15 to 19 remained closed as a result of a smoke hazard despite the blazes being doused.

The fires broke out while the management and board of the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) were briefing Members of Parliament (MP) about the effects of the ongoing arson attacks on vital rail infrastructure, along with the other problems that haunt the railway service.

According to Cape Town Fire and Rescue Services’ spokesperson, Ian Schnetler, two trains were alight, with three carriages burning on each. It was later confirmed that it was actually five carriages that were set alight, instead of a total of six.

On Wednesday, Metrorail informed its commuters that all train lines were fully operational despite Cape Town railway station being shut down yesterday.



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