Level 1 is officially here, and that means a number of changes to lockdown regulations. Among those regulations are new transport rules for air travel.

On Monday [March 1], Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula has gazetted changes to domestic air travel under Level 1, which stipulate that passengers aboard domestic flights may not eat while onboard.

The gazette reads: “An Operator conducting a domestic flight is not allowed to provide catering onboard the aircraft except bottled water. A passenger on a domestic flight is not allowed to eat onboard the aircraft.”

The gazette adds that an operator may make available self-service complimentary magazines which passengers may pick up as they enter the aircraft, although such magazine must not be shared amongst the passengers and if left behind by passengers after each use, must be safely disposed of.

International flights will continue at the following airports only:

– OR Tambo International Airport;

– King Shaka International Airport;

– Cape Town International Airport.

Long-haul flight departures and landings at the airports listed are permitted during the hours of curfew. Passengers affected by flights are required to present evidence of a flight ticket when stopped by law enforcement officers during curfew hours.

An Operator conducting an international flight is allowed to provide catering onboard the aircraft, provided that they take all risk mitigation, health and safety measures to contain the spread of COVID -19 including the provision of pre-packed meals.

Read the full gazette HERE.

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