Two people have allegedly died and nine people from a village near Stutterheim in the Eastern Cape have been hospitalised after consuming a home-brewed beer concoction.

The incident occurred in Ndakana, outside Stutterheim. According to Amahlathi local municipality’s ward 9 councillor Mooi Nqini, the people were rushed to hospital after consuming the homemade beer, which had been mixed with methylated spirits.

“I am now in this village with our executive mayor … We can confirm that many people have been rushed to hospital in Stutterheim. The mayor is trying to organise transport to rush [to hospital] others who drank that beer who are now in this village,” said Nqini to Dispatch Live.

 “Some are now vomiting while some are dizzy and many are weak. This happened after a home-brewed beer was prepared and these people drank it,” a health department employee told Dispatch Live.

Health spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo explained that the 12  people drank a mixture of drink-o-pop and methylated spirits. Two died, one is in critical condition at Cecilia Makiwane hospital and nine people have been sent to Stutterheim hospital.

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