Two Hues, a Cape Town-based short film, was awarded the ‘Best Short Film’ award at the Beyond the Curve International Film Festival (BCIFF) in Paris, France.

The 15-minute film, which was co-directed by Weaam Williams and Dominque Josie, is a psychological drama that explores the artistic nature of a manic-depressive.

The film also examines the feminine psyche and explores the duality of patriarchy.

It tells the story of a Muslim bipolar photographer named Natasha. She is a silent victim of rape who lives with her parents and is pressured into marriage and wearing hijab while women’s bodies are used to sell products at work.

Two Hues is an exceptional movie that has garnered so much love and praise internationally, and we couldn’t be more happier,” said Williams, who also wrote the script, to the Cape Argus.

“The movie looks at life from the gaze of a manic depressive, and articulates the struggles of Muslim women and South African women using tones of two colours, warm and cold.”

Williams said she was not expecting the film to win the award because of “the disappointing reception at the world premiere.” She added that the fact the film won the award despite the cold reception made victory “much more sweeter.”

Williams, who is a multidisciplinary artist who also works in poetry and music, made her acting debut in the film. “I have never been passionate about acting, even though I am professionally trained because of how women are portrayed in movies and in the media,” she said.

Williams said Krzysztof Kieślowski’s French film, Three Colours: Blue, had a big impact on Two Hues.

“It made sense to follow the simplistic aesthetics and wardrobe of this film, given that Two Hues is an independent short film with a similar theme – the suppression of trauma,” said Williams.

She, however, added that the movie, which is set in Bo-Kaap, is completely South African and proudly showcases many of the country’s traditions.

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