Two men convicted of murder in Botswana were hanged on Monday [February 8] garnering a mixed response from social media users.

Wedu Mosalagae (33) and Kutlo Setima (29) were hanged at Gaborone Central Prison on Monday on separate charges for murdering women.

According to the Botswana Prison Service, Mosalagae received a death sentence on August 8, 2019for the murder of Barobi Rampape on November 24, 2012. Setima was sentenced to death on May 24, 2019 for the murder of Tsone Kosi.

In a statement, assistant commissioner Wamorena Ramolefhe said that both men lost their appeals to the High Court of Appeal on August 5, 2020.

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The Botswana Prison Service wishes to inform the public that the execution of the death penalty passed…

Posted by BWgovernment onΒ Sunday, 7 February 2021

Capital punishment, specifically hanging, is legal in Botswana and typically reserved for murder under aggravated circumstances.

While many in Botswana were in favour of the execution and wondered why it took so long to happen, others condemned the action as barbaric.

The official Government post confirming the executions had been carried out has received over 3.8k comments and 1.1k shares in the 24 hours it has been on social media.

Thank you for making the right decision, we have been waiting a long time,” wrote one social media user.

“Never forget the ladies that lost their lives at the hands of these murderers. The punishment fits the crime! Good job,” wrote another.

On the other hand, some felt this action will not deter criminals from enacting violence.

“All I know is no matter how much you will hang them, the more they will kill. Keep hanging and you’ll realise this… Death sentence doesn’t change anything,” wrote one user.

“The day I react with a ‘heart’ on a post saying people have been murdered/killed is the day that I would have sold my soul. When you celebrate someone’s death it means you are no better than the criminals,” added another.

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