The City of Cape Town has suspended two metro police officers after they were filmed pushing over a disabled man in a wheelchair on Thursday, November 19.

The video shows a wheelchair-bound man involved in a heated argument with the officers. At one point he can be heard saying, “Then you must arrest me” to the metro police members, which prompted one of the officers to tip the man out of the wheelchair and push the empty wheelchair away.

The video spread rapidly on social media on Thursday morning, which prompted a response from the City.

Dan Plato, Executive Mayor of Cape Town, said the officers implicated in the video were immediately suspended, pending an investigation.

“Following a video that was shared on social media this morning regarding an incident involving two City of Cape Town Metro Police officers and a member of the public in a wheelchair, I immediately discussed the matter with the City’s Safety and Security Director, Richard Bosman, who confirmed that both officers have been suspended with immediate effect pending the outcome of a full investigation,” said Plato in a statement.

Plato also “unreservedly” apologised to the man who was thrown from the wheelchair, for the ordeal he experienced on Thursday morning.

“The manner in which this situation was handled is not what we expect from our staff,” he said.

According to reports, the man in the wheelchair is involved with the Intlungu yaseMatyotyombeni Movement that marched to the City’s Civic Centre, on Thursday, to address Plato about their concerns regarding access to water, toilets, electricity and housing.

Approximately 80 protestors gathered near the Civic Centre, of which 28 were arrested, according to News24.

Picture: screenshot from video

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