As of April 25, the Western Cape has recorded 1531 confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection. Two more deaths in the province as a result of the virus have also been recorded.

A  53-year-old man with significant co-morbidities and a 76-year-old man passed away, bringing the total number of deaths in the province to 32.

“Most of the people who have died in the province have been vulnerable, either because of their age, or because they had an underlying medical condition. The lockdown regulations are in place to protect you, but also to help save the lives of these vulnerable groups. Many people will contract COVID-19 in the province in the coming months and recover, but for the elderly and the sick, the risk of serious complications is much higher,” said Premier Alan Winde in a statement.

Testing in the Cape 

Over the past 48 hours, the government have completed over 3000 tests.  “We follow an active case finding approach to testing and screening, where we follow the “bush fires” – pockets of infections within communities, and identify those who are infected with Covid-19 as quickly as possible. The screening process, based on this evidence, refers those who are symptomatic for testing,” said Winde.

Cloth masks 

Winde re-iterated that from May 1, it will be mandatory to wear a cloth mask when leaving the house. He encouraged citizens to begin this practice already in order to get used to it and help prevent the spread.

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