Uber has announced the launch of Uber Works, an app that aims to help match shift workers with shifts. The app will be launched in partnership with staffing agencies and will be piloted in Chicago.

Millions of people who work shift jobs, in the service industry for example, are faced with rigid scheduling and unclear information regarding picking up shifts and how much they can expect to earn.

Missed shifts, high staff turnover and being under staffed are commonplace in such an industry. Uber is essentially seeking to bridge the gap.

In a statement, Uber said: “We believe a new, technology-first approach can provide faster and easier means for people to get work, while offering greater insight into the many opportunities for work that are out there—improving the experience for workers and businesses alike.”

“That’s why over the past year, we’ve studied and built tech solutions that can help positively impact a workers’ shift experience and eliminate bottlenecks to finding work. Starting in Chicago, we are now officially launching Uber Works platform that connects workers with businesses that need to fill available shifts.

“We believe that finding work shouldn’t have to be a job in itself. For positions as diverse as being a prep cook, warehouse worker, a commercial cleaner or event staff, Uber Works aims to make it easier to find and claim a shift.”

It is unclear as to if or when the app will be available in South Africa.

Image: Unsplash

Article written by

Imogen Searra