The University of Cape Town has requested South African Police Service (SAPS) to come to their campus to avoid further exam disruptions. 

This comes after a group of people who, the institution said were neither employees nor students of the (UCT) disrupted the exams scheduled for 12 pm on UCT’s upper campus on Monday.

Acting vice-chancellor, professor, Professor Sue Harrison, stated that the the extent of the stress and pain from Monday’s actions is deeply distressing for all of them. “We all acknowledge that writing exams can be a stressful and for this to have happened caused further unnecessary and unacceptable anxiety.

She added that the behaviour demonstrated on Monday is not befitting of a university environment, which is a space for rational engagement, robust if necessary, but always civil and respectful of the rights of all.

“Due to the importance of securing the exam venues, protecting the rights of our students to complete their mid-year exams in a conducive environment and that the individuals causing the disruption were neither staff nor students, in terms of its processes, UCT requested that the South African Police Services (SAPS) come onto our campus. UCT laid charges of trespassing and malicious damage to property with the SAPS and an arrest was made on Monday afternoon,” she said. 

She added that they will be on heightened alert for any trespassers attempting to come onto their campus with ill intent. “We have been in contact with our partners at the Groote Schuur Community Improvement District NPC (GSCID) to ensure that they continue with their designated mandate of providing safety and security in the public spaces and areas surrounding UCT. While the UCT CPS will similarly monitor UCT’s campuses and continue with their focus on campuses’ safety and security services.” 

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