A lone gunman that caused Capitec Bank in Voortrekker Street, Bellville to be evacuated yesterday has been taken into the custody of police. Yesterday, police made attempts to talk the gunman down, as he had locked himself in on one of the building’s floors.

Speaking to News24, Charl Nel, head of communications for Capitec, said that there was no cash present in the building. “This is an administrative office and call centre where no cash is held on the premises. Capitec Bank employees have been evacuated and no employees or clients are in danger,” he said.

South African Police Services spokesperson, Lt. Andre Traut, said that all roads that have been closed as a result of the incident have been reopened, and maintained that it was never a ‘hostage’ situation.

“This is not a hostage situation. We are negotiating with him to surrender,” Traut said on Wednesday.

It was reported that the gunman had made a demand of the bank, but Traut did not clarify what the demands were.

Curious bystanders also made their way to the building to see what was happening yesterday.

Picture: Supplied/Twitter

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