SAPS have arrested three suspects involved in the death of a Fish Hoek cyclist on Tuesday morning.

One of the suspects was arrested for the possession of the victim’s stolen bicycle, while the other was in possession his cellphone and the latest arrest was for his murder.

According to SAPS, the victim was stabbed several times while cycling on an off-road trail, and was robbed of his possessions.

Two suspects, who were in possession of the stolen goods are in their twenties. All three will appear in the Simons Town Magistrates Court on Friday.

Although the name of the victim is known, it has not yet been released to the media as a sign of respect to his family and friends.

The first two suspects were arrested on Wednesday, and the murder suspect was arrested earlier this morning in Phillipi.

In an interview conducted with Stewart Fisher, a close friend and fellow cyclist of the victim, the Recyclers Club cyclers will wear black arm bands as a sign of respect to the victim during their morning bike rides.

Many cycling clubs in Cape Town are shaken by the recent spate of cyclist deaths and attacks and are now fearful.

”We are obviously all devastated and outraged by this incident. We cannot understand the sort of mentality that would feel nothing about taking a life, just to steal a possession. It is bad enough that we cyclists have to risk cycling amongst inconsiderate motorists, but now we have to worry about muggings and assault as well,” Fisher said.

Picture: Pixabay

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