The Post Office worker who stands accused of the brutal rape and murder of 19-year-old University of Cape Town (UCT) student Uyinene Mwetyana is appearing before the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court today.

The accused faces charges of rape and murder, as well as defeating the ends of justice. He had confessed to the police after his arrest, and told them the shocking details of Uyinene’s last hours.

The 42-year-old accused reportedly lured Uyinene into the Clareinch Post Office, where he raped and bludgeoned her to death with a scale. The young woman’s death ignited a public storm of outrage when she disappeared, a week before the discovery of her body. Many took to the streets not only in South Africa, but across the world, to protest against the appalling state of gender-based violence. People from all walks of life banded together and donned black to mourn not only the loss of Uyinene’s life, but the lives of other women lost at the hands of men.

When the accused had previously appeared in court, Magistrate Goolam Bawa had ordered that his name not be released, and his photograph remain unpublished.

The accused also detailed how he had told Uyinene to return to the Post Office after she had visited earlier that afternoon. The electricity had been off upon her initial visit, and she wanted to check on a package she was to receive. When Uyinene returned, he was alone at the Post Office.

He had locked the door before assaulting and reportedly raping her, and she fought back. He bludgeoned her with a scale when she began screaming, and dumped her dead body in Lingelethu West.

Blood was later found within the Clareinch Post Office, as well as on his shoe.

He has indicated that he will not apply for bail.

Picture: Instagram/Uyinene Mrwetyana

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