The last few days saw a lot of rain for the Western Cape. Naturally, wet roads and pot holes could have been predicted. However, no one could have imagined an entire vehicle falling into a sinkhole.

A father and son managed to escape unscathed after their Toyota Furtuner fell into a sinkhole at the weekend, reported IOL. The two involved in the accident miraculously made it to safety unscathed.

Captain Malcolm Pojie, police spokesperson, said that the incident occurred near Heriot Street. The vehicle was later pulled out of the hole with a crane.

The George Herald reported that the incident happened near an area in Genevafontein, where officials were working to repair a water pipe burst that occurred earlier that morning, continued IOL.

“Heavy rainfall throughout the day has created several delays and made the repair-work on the water main pipe at Genevafontein very challenging. However, the private contractor has completed the dropping in of the replacement pipe, the couplings have been installed successfully and a bobcat is on site to ensure that a minimum layer of soil is placed, to support and cover the pipes before water flow can be entirely restored. Once this has been completed, the valves will be reopened slowly and it is expected that it will take an additional few hours for water to have filled up the network sufficiently to restore full water pressure throughout the system,” said George Municipality on Facebook.

Repairwork at Genevafontein almost completed
15 March @ 18h00

Heavy rainfall throughout the day has created several…

Posted by George Municipality on Monday, March 15, 2021

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