A video of people from different faiths, united in prayer, outside a Cape Town hospital has gone viral on social media. The prayer was requested by the family members of COVID-19 patients admitted to the hospital, many of whom have not been able to see their loved ones because of hospital visitation restrictions.

The humble prayer took place outside Melomed Tokai and was lead by the Cape Town-based faith group, the Al Jeem Foundation.

“We were requested by relatives of the hospitalised patients to share prayers with them,” said Shayk Hassan Yusuf Pandy to News24.

Al Jeem has been holding these kinds of prayers sporadically since April. They have been to rehabs, cemeteries and communities of the Cape Flats.

“The mass prayer is a big deal to each individual present… when people get together to pray for the same cause, it forms a bond between different faiths and that’s remarkable to be a part of,” said Mansoor Joseph.

Hospital staff were also appreciative of the effort made by the prayer groups, according to Joseph. They waved at people from a distance.

Social media users responded to the video with messages of thanks. “So beautiful and moving. I feel tears,” said one Twitter user, while another added that it was an “absolute symbol of unity during these tough times.”

Watch the full video of the prayer, visit this link: https://fb.watch/2XKai2IDzV/

Picture: screenshot from video

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