Police in Mpumalanga say they have taken note of a video doing the rounds on social media of an alleged assault at the White River police station. 

Delia Human, fiancé of the man being abused in the footage, took to Facebook to make an unofficial statement.

“We were going up the hill toward WR when several vehicles started overtaking on double solid lines, with no regard for oncoming traffic, pushing vehicles aside with their aggressive driving – nearly pushing us off the road. At this point my fiancé Barend told me to take his phone and start recording them as they were driving very dangerously and recklessly, I proceeded to record them using his iPhone.

We were approaching Casterbridge circle, basically surrounded by these suspect vehicles. The one vehicle, a black range rover – no license plates – suddenly stopped in front of us, blocking our entry into the clear traffic circle. My fiancé then hooted at him as we were blocked in. The driver of the black range rover brought his car to a complete standstill in front of us, got out of his vehicle, pulled his firearm, and walked towards the drivers’ side of our vehicle.

We had at least one firearm pointing at us. My fiancé knew we were in danger and needed to get out of there and reversed, smashing into the vehicle that was blocking our rear and then going off-road, over the barriers to get out from behind the black range rover blocking our entry to the traffic circle.

My fiancé went over the traffic barriers to get away from them – and started driving towards White River police station as soon as possible for our own safety.

We managed to get to the police station and we immediately got out and ran inside. I shouted for help and told the police officers that we were being chased by armed men.

My fiancé was recording the entire time. The police did not like this, and neither did the men who had attacked us and were still threatening us, telling us to come outside that they can deal with us.

At one point, one of the men who had pushed his way into the radio room where we were, (the police did not try to stop anyone). This man called my fiancé by his first and last name, calling out our physical address in full, telling us they will come for us. Saying “this is not the last of this, we are coming for you and your wife.” This was done in full view and earshot of multiple police officers while my fiancé was recording everything with his cell phone. At the same time, they yelled that they had judges and police in their pockets and that we have no idea who they are and who we are dealing with.

My fiancé was assaulted by 4 men, in full view of police officers, inside the White River police station. Some of these men were armed, with firearms. As they tried to drag him outside by his head they told him they were going to shoot him.” 

Watch the video below taken by Delia Human

Read the full unofficial statement:

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Posted by Delia Human on Monday, March 29, 2021

Police say an investigation has since been launched.

A report by Times Live quoted police spokesperson Brig Leonard Hlathisaid as saying that the incident was “unfortunate and shows lawlessness on the part of the individuals involved, as a police station is not a battleground”.

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