Water consumption levels rose to a staggering 563-million litres of average daily use compared to the previous week, while dams levels have dropped by 0,2%.

Currently, water levels are measured at 76% and previous measurements from last week stood at 76,2% – although the drop may appear minor, an increased water consumption and usage will not aid in maintaining the current water storage.

Locals have steadily increased their water usage, from 511-million litres for the week before September 24 to 520-million the following week and then 546-million last week.

Increased usage can be attributed to the implementation of level 5 water restrictions, allowing Capetonians to use 70 litres of water a day compared to the previous 50 litres a day.

Currently, level 5 restrictions increased the city’s water usage target from 450-million to 500-million litres a day, but the city’s residents are now using more water than allocated.

Coupled with the decrease in water tariffs, locals may be abandoning extensive water saving measures, causing the drop in dam storage levels.

Readings taken on October 15 indicated that the Theewaterskloof dam has decreased by 0.1% and that both the Steenbras Upper and Lower have experienced a substantial drop in water levels.

Dam levels measured on 15 October 2018

Current readings of the dam levels indicate no changes.

Dam levels measured 16 October 2018

Locals should keep in mind that 10% of the water in our dams are not suitable for drinking water.

“The last 10% of the dam’s water is difficult to use, the useable water in the dam in approximately 10% less than the dam level,” said the City of Cape Town report.

Dam levels have steadily risen over the past winter months, increasing levels towards reaching the 85% mark. Readings measured this time last year indicate that the Western Cape water supply system was measured at just 37.4%.

Residents are still encouraged to use water wisely and employ water saving measures.

Read our available guide to level 5 water restrictions here. 

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