Residents that frequent the Llandudno area are fuming after a team of workers were seen seemingly removing the well-known rock located at the popular beach’s parking area.

News of the rock being removed reached those who stay in the area as well as Capetonians across the city and was met with resistance all round.

Many feel the beautiful and natural landscapes of Cape Town are slowly but surely being replaced with buildings and other concrete structures so the news of the rock being removed naturally angered a few residents.

A post was shared to a local Facebook group called STOP COCT – Dear Cape Town about the rocks removal and was originally posted by James Mac.

Workers seen allegedly removing the rock this week.

According to the City, the rock is on private land and the owner themselves would need to be contacted regarding why it is being removed.

A local, James Mac, shared a picture of the rock being worked on to Facebook with the caption, “You know that awesome rock when you park at Llandudno. It’s being destroyed. Kiff hey?”

Since his post, many have been automatically blaming the City for the rock’s removal and are angry to hear it is being taken away.

“We can confirm that a rock breaking exercise took place on Erf 10059 in Llandudno as part of a development taking place on the property. The operation entailed drilling into the natural split of the rock to induce cracking to eventually allow for 20% of the back section of the mass to be removed. This land is privately owned, and any further enquiries should be directed to the land owner. A City Building inspector is monitoring the situation on site and will take necessary action where need be. A notice was issued instructing the contractor/landowner to better manage the dust pollution on site,” says the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Spatial Planning and Environment, Alderman Marian Nieuwoudt.

Another viewpoint of the rock.

Unfortunately for those against the rock being removed, the owner of the private property is within their rights to do what they want on their land, even if it is removing a rock known to many.

Pictures: James Mac/Supplied

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