As of July 16, the Western Cape has 14 241 active cases of COVID-19, with a total of 82 264 confirmed cases and 65 530 recoveries.

The province also recorded an additional 38 deaths, bringing the total number of COVID-19 related deaths in the province to 2493.

A total of 365 009 tests have been conducted with 1 634 hospitalisations, of which 317 are in ICU or high care.

The breakdown is as follows:

Western Cape has 14 241 active cases of COVID-19

Sub Districts Cape Town Metro:

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“Earlier today, I held a digicon in which we detailed the work that we have done in the province to provide medical care to those affected by COVID-19, and the specific risks to diabetic patients,” Premier Alan Winde said in a statement.

These details included a note on the apparent gentle easing of pressure, in terms of the number of cases recorded, in the Western Cape Metro. However, Winde emphasised that even though this data indicates a possible decline, it is still too early to say and vigilance is required.

“It is simply too early to say the worst is over. We simply do not know enough about the virus to claim so. We are still in the midst of a serious health pandemic,” he said.

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