The South African Judiciary has published a number of directives on how much citizens will have to pay as an admission of guilt fine if they are in contravention of the country’s lockdown regulations.

When the South African Police Service (SAPS) apprehends someone on suspicion of having committed a less serious offence, there is the option of paying an admission of guilt fine. This fine allows the perpetrator to admit to the crime without having to appear in court, and is a way of resolving less serious matters quickly.

The Judiciary’s guidelines fall in line with Level 4 lockdown regulations, which were introduced on May 1. In essence, these directives demonstrate how the court will deal with such cases.

Here is how much you may pay as an admission of guilt fine, according to BusinessTech:

Charge Fine
Making a misrepresentation that any person is infected with Covid-19 R3 000
Publishing any statement to deceive any other person about Covid-19 R2 000
Publishing any statement to deceive any other person about the infection status of any person R3 000
Intentionally exposing another person to Covid-19 R5 000
Disclosing any information in the Covid-19 database R1 000
Convening a gathering R3 000
Failure to confine oneself to one’s place of residence R500
Going to work without a permit R500
Buying goods that are not permitted R500
Illegally moving children R1 000
Illegally walking, running, or cycling R500
Illegally leaving residence during curfew (20h00 – 05h00) R500
Illegally moving between provinces, metropolitan areas and districts R1 000
Illegal eviction of a person R5 000
Visiting places and premises closed to the public R1 000
Selling, dispensing or distributing liquor R2 000
Selling tobacco products, e-cigarettes, and related products R1 000
Retail stores selling illegal goods R1 000

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