This morning saw a number of crocodiles escape from a farm in Bonnievale, Western Cape. Though some of them have been safely captured, an unknown number of escapees have been set up for capture around the Breederiver.

It’s not every day that a congregation of crocodiles escape, which makes today’s incident wildly unique. A number of these historic beasts managed to break out of a commercial farm near Bonnievale in the Western Cape.

Earlier this morning, authorities including the South African Police Service (SAPS), Cape Nature and farm owners, were sent on a mission to wrangle up the rogue group of crocs.

Some 25 escapees have been caught and returned safely to the farm. This information would be somewhat more comforting if the actual number of animals on the loose was known.

Various authorities will continue to monitor parts of the Breederiver and surrounding areas for those crocodiles that managed to slip beneath the surface. Cages have been positioned near the riverbank with bait.

Locals are advised to keep their eyes out for any unexpected sightings and are urged to contact authorities should they spot a rogue croc. Ranging between 1.2 and 1.5 meters in length, they might not be too difficult to miss.

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