There’s no doubt about it: We adore Table Mountain. It is absolutely breathtaking, and is even more magnificent when you’re on it. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Table Mountain Aerial Cableway took it to the next level by opening a free WiFi lounge at the top!

Just think about all the possibilities!


You can tweet, post pictures immediately, Google interesting things you just saw there or live stream so people can share the experience with you – all without using up any of your precious data!


Now I can hear all the tech haters out there saying, why would you want to be on your phone when you are literally on one of the New7Wonders of the world? The WiFi lounge acts as an enhancer to the experience rather than a hindrance. Sabine Lehman, whose last day as MD of Table Mountain Aerial Cableway coincided with the launch of the lounge, explained it best.


She said that the space the lounge occupies was there to provide some shelter to visitors, and also has some of the best views on the mountain (and she should know, she worked there for 18 years). Yet, people did not really use it, preferring to be out in the open. The WiFi lounge served as a way to get people to see what the space has to offer and generate interest in the younger generation, who love their devices.


In fact, the lounge by itself without the WiFi is pretty damn cool.

The views are indeed spectacular. One corner overlooks the sea, and I swear it is the best spot to watch the sunset in all of Cape Town! The other corner shows you the city and makes you feels like royalty, overlooking the kingdom from your balcony.


There are comfy spots to sit if you just need a break, and there are windows everywhere, so you won’t miss out on the view. There is a little shop there too, so you can enjoy a coffee, light breakfast or (later in the day) a glass of wine. There are charging stations (plug and USB), so if your phone’s battery is running low from all the pictures you’ve been taking, you can stop by, charge up a little and continue.


The lounge opens at 8:30 am and closes with the car’s last departure. This is a really great initiative from Table Mountain Aerial Cableway. It is helping Cape Town get more connected in the best way. We already have over 200 public WiFi zones in the city, and now we can connect and share while on our crowning jewel.

Photography courtesy Annzra Denita

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