“I think we really need to look at these regulations” were the words spoken by Western Cape Premier Alan Winde on Saturday while speaking about the allocated exercise time for Capetonians.

While speaking to News24 early Saturday morning [May 2] Winde explained why he thinks Capetonians should be allowed to exercise in both the morning and afternoon- “Yesterday [May 1] we saw congestion. I’m out exercising myself – but also having a look at what it’s like.” Said Winde.

“I think we really need to relook these regulations. Cape Town has sunrise a lot later than 06:00 in the morning. So many people in a densely populated city – it doesn’t make sense bottle-necking them all into a small window period.”

The current window for Capetonians to exercise falls between 6am and 9am, which has angered many citizens. This is because the first ‘exercise hour’ between 6am and 7am is in complete darkness, leaving many people concerned about their safety.

Winde went on to explain that the right to exercise was not a luxury, but essential in the fight against COVID-19- “It makes sense to allow people to exercise, because fitness, and healthy people, are going to help us fight the Covid-19 virus a lot better. So I think this regulation needs to be changed.”

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Image: Twitter/@NMadzenga

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