They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and this story may be proof. A woman in Port Elizabeth recently crashed her car into another car, which ended up plunging into a residential pool. The accident may have been anything but, as the other car is said to have been driven by her ex-husband.

The incident allegedly occurred on Van der Stel Street in Port Elizabeth on Monday, October 5. The South African reports that a driver in a white Polo slammed into the back of a black car, causing both vehicles to smash through a boundary wall. The black car was then sent plunging into a pool on a nearby residential property while the Polo stopped in the garden.

Arrive Alive claims it was an act of revenge.

Not all road crashes are “Accidents”. This was where an ex-wife reportedly intentionally crashed into the back of the vehicle of the ex-husband!” writes Arrive Alive on Twitter.

Times Live spoke to Luzuko Sloti, the neighbour of the people in the damaged home. Sloti claims the man in the black car said the driver of the Polo was his ex-wife.

“He didn’t say much except to confirm that his wife had hit his car from behind and he had lost control and crashed into my yard while she crashed into my neighbour’s yard,” Mongo told Times Live.

Both cars are said to have sustained severe damage, and the property has also been extensively damaged. No injuries or fatalities have been reported.

Picture: Twitter / Port Elizabeth Traffic Update

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