Camilla de Waal Rossouw (32) has been handed a 10-year suspended sentence after pleading guilty to 11 charges pertaining to a human trafficking syndicate in Cape Town.

The charges include kidnapping a minor, trafficking in person for sexual purposes and extortion amounting to more than R3-million, according to Radio 786.

Rossouw is the tenth person to be sentenced from the syndicate, who ran brothels in Bellville, Big Bay, Milnerton and Table View. Her accomplice Natasha Chang (41) was sentenced to “three years imprisonment wholly suspended for five years with stringent conditions” in July.

Two others, Norman Bridger (34) and Michael D’ Oliveira (41) were convicted following a plea sentence agreement in September 2019. Fereez Allie (37) was found guilty and sentenced to three years imprisonment for assault whilst Achmad Tofa (44) and Babalwa Nozigwaba (39) were acquitted.

Three other suspects Shantel Reyneke-Bridger (47), Juan Francois Warren (41) and Robin Reyneke (30) pleaded guilty in March 2019 and were sentenced by the same court.

The group’s modus operandi included recruiting young females, including minors, to work in brothels by grooming them before sexually exploiting them. The victims were deprived of their freedom while they were kept in the brothels and were regularly assaulted. They were also forced to partake in criminal activities, including shoplifting, extortion, and housebreaking. The victims were also manipulated with threats of grievous bodily harm being done to their friends and family.

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Article written by

Imogen Searra