Mumbai has been ranked as the city with the worst traffic congestion in the world, with drivers taking up to 65% longer to reach their destinations during peak traffic hours. Following Mumbai is Colombia’s capital, Bogota (63%), Lima in Peru (58%), New Delhi in India (58%), and Russia’s capital, Moscow (56%).

The report was compiled by TomTom as part of the company’s annual Traffic Index, and calculates how much extra travel time is added to a 30-minute journey during peak traffic in different cities across the world. It also assesses when exactly these peak traffic times begin and end.

Congestion has increased globally during the last decade, and nearly 75% of the cities included in the new Index report had increased or had stable congestion levels between 2017 and 2018, and 90 cities showing measurable decreases.

“Globally, traffic congestion is rising. And that’s both good, and bad, news,” said Ralf-Peter Schäfer, TomTom’s VP of Traffic information said to BusinessTech. “It’s good because it indicates a strong global economy – but the flipside is drivers are wasting time sitting in traffic, not to mention the huge environmental impact.”

Cairo is the most congested city on the African continent, Cape Town was named as the most congested city in South Africa (90th in the world), closely followed by Johannesburg (105th) and Pretoria (182nd).

TomTom’s data reflects that Cape Town drivers can expect a 30-minute trip to take up to 50 minutes during peak morning and evening traffic.

This peak traffic starts at around 5.30am on a weekday morning and continues to 10am, peaking at around 7am.

Peak traffic in the evenings begins at around 3pm in the afternoon and continues until around 6.30pm.

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