Mediclinic is under fire after it was discovered that Wouter Basson, also known as Dr Death, is working at one of their Western Cape facilities.

Basson was a notorious figure during the apartheid regime, and headed the Apartheid government’s chemical and biological warfare programme‚ Project Coast. Under this project, scientists worked on developing illegal drugs and ‘infertility vaccines’ to use on black people.

He was also found to have produced deadly drugs to use against anti-apartheid figures, provided substances to tranquillise victims of cross-border kidnapping, as well as provide cyanide-filled suicide capsules for members of special units, reported TimesLive.

He has faced dozens of legal charges but escaped prosecution. In 2013, the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA)  convicted him for unprofessional conduct.  They ruled that he breached medical ethics with his involvement in Project Coast. In 2019, however, two members of the tribunal of disciplinary members who presided over the hearing had to recuse themselves due to bias, meaning the HPCSA would have to redo the proceedings.

According to The South African, he has been working as a cardiologist for the last 15 years.

Since news broke that Basson was still working in the medical field, many took to social media to criticise the authorities that allowed this to happen.

Mediclinic has issued the same statement in response to social media comments criticising them for allowing Basson to continue practicing.

“By law, doctors are independent practitioners and cannot be ’employed’ by Mediclinic Southern Africa. We cannot prohibit HPCSA registered doctors, including Dr. Basson, from practicing – unless they are prevented by law from doing so,” said Mediclinic in a statement.

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