Zephany Nurse has officially won the battle to reclaim the name the family who snatched her at birth gave her. The young woman was stolen from her mother shortly after her birth at Groote Schuur Hospital in 1997.

She went her entire life without knowing her true identity, and her world was turned upside down when she made a friend at high school who she bore an uncanny resemblance with. She was reunited with her birth family shortly before she turned 18-years-old, and all the records of the case were sealed as she was still a minor.

Now at 22, she has written a book about her experience and has successfully reclaimed the name she was raised with, which is Miché Solomon. She applied to the North Gauteng High Court to annul an interim interdict protecting her identity.

According to her affidavit, she believed the interdict was necessary because she was a minor but should be lifted as she is now a legal adult.

The woman she had thought was her mother was arrested in 2015, and charged with kidnapping. She was also sentenced to 10-years in prison.

Picture: Badoo/Miché Solomon

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