‘Summer bodies are made in winter’ is not a saying that rings true for me. I find the rain and icy wind to be a good enough excuse to not leave my room for a drink with friends let alone to go workout. So, I decided on another season to get my body to a fit and healthy space – spring! Summer in Cape Town doesn’t only mean having a body that’s bikini-ready but hiking-ready and surfing-ready. A body that’s healthy enough to go on all the adventures the city has to offer.

A perk about working out in the spring time is that you get to take your workout outside. There’s no better group to join for this take on exercise than Adventure Boot Camp. Adventure Boot Camp recently celebrated its 10th birthday and invited everyone to a workout session in the venue where it all began at Kirstenbosch Gardens.


Huenu Solsona, owner of Adventure Boot Camp, got the blood flowing and the heart pumping with a round of runs, kicks, side gallops, and squats. Next up, core conditioning. I felt the pleasant ache of these sit ups and planks for days after the session. Huenu then kicked up the cardio with running up the steps, jumping jacks and a chariot race. The chariot race seemed easy enough when it was explained, but it was a different game when I had to physically do it. In this exercise, everyone partnered up with a rope between each pair; the rope loops around one person’s waist who would run as fast as possible while the other tries to hold the runner back with the rope. After this mighty exercise, a cool-down session of stretches was mercifully welcomed.



The great thing about exercise is that it reshapes your body as well as boosts your life in a host of different ways. Since I started working up a sweat this spring, I’ve been feeling the benefits with an increase in energy levels and I’ve sleeping better at night. Especially after training outdoors, I feel more content and peaceful for the rest of the day. Adventure Boot Camp head trainer Wendy-Joy Timmes explains the reason for this euphoria, ‘The benefits of exercising outdoors are endless – you exert more energy, psychologically you feel better and your mood is enhanced thanks to the natural Vitamin D being absorbed by your body.’

There is definitely something special about pushing your body with the sunlight on your back, taking in the fresh air, and looking out at breath-taking views and friendly faces to keep you in the moment and focused. So, I say, take it outside because summer bodies are made more happily in spring.


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