Table Mountain and the surrounding national park has seen many horrific incidents play out, both accidental and malicious. Finally, a new security hub will be established at Table Mountain National Park (TMNP).

The hub is said to serve as a central point for the reporting of emergencies and dispatching of security resources on the mountain, reposts IOL.

Barbra Creecy, Forestry, Fisheries and Environment Minister, said that a joint operations facility would be the main intelligence collection point for TMNP safety and security matters, continued IOL.

The centre will operate in conjunction with all law enforcement agencies.

This is following written response to DA Forestry, Fisheries and Environment spokesperson Dave Bryant.

“In my letter, I requested that the minister urgently look into re-establishing the canine unit which was discontinued after an assessment by the SPCA. The minister has confirmed that this unit will now be reinstituted and that it is hoped to be up and running by July this year. A further issue raised in the letter was an apparent lack of joint task team meetings which were supposed to have taken place last year.”

“The process started two years ago by TMNP and is now reaching implementation phase due to donors coming on board. Task team meetings have started and dates for meetings have been scheduled.”

Creecy committed to host 12 task team meetings between now and the end of April, continued IOL.

Efforts to ensure increased safety on Table Mountain came into sharp focus following recent attacks on joggers and hikers. It’s time to make Table Mountain safe again!

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